Roolin tiedot

Intriguing international epoch miniseries
summer / autumn 2023

We are looking for a wide range of different kind of actors and performers for small roles and bit parts (from children to seniors) for mysterious epoch miniseries.

Former acting and camera experience is a must.

The roles have lines in Swedish, so full fluency is required (Finlandssvenska or Rikssvenska)

Payment: 250-500€ depending on role.

Filming in Uusimaa / Kymenlaakso / Kanta-Häme area during this summer 2023 and beginning of autumn 2023.

Story takes place in the 19th century so applicants cannot have big or visible tattoos, unnatural hair colors or body modifications (piercings etc.)

More info:

How to apply:
– Sign in and click the “hae roolia” button
– Please check you have new photos in your profile and that your profile is up to date.
– We’ll ask for a selftape from some of the applicants


Swedish (native or fluent)